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Fried Shrimp Po-boy

We seem to be eating a great deal of shrimp, lately! Definitely not a bad thing, but I know that the majority of my posts include shrimp.  I will never turn down a gift of seafood from my big-hearted neighbor; especially when it is already clean and peeled for me. Although, since I’ve been cooking a bunch of… Read More Fried Shrimp Po-boy

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Beef Stew with a Roux

Out of curiosity, I searched for ‘beef stew’ on Google. From Food Network to Betty Crocker, everyone has their own take on how to make beef stew. There’s a slow cooker recipe, one that uses red wine; then there’s… simple, thick, easy, basic, quick, hearty, and even Irish beef stew! I honestly had a tough time figuring out what… Read More Beef Stew with a Roux

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Cajun Potatoes

The recipe for Cajun Potatoes came to me the day after we had a crawfish boil years ago. We had plenty of leftover potatoes that were cooked in liquid crab boil with the seafood. Not wanting to waste them, I came up with Cajun Potatoes. Of course, there doesn’t have to be a seafood boil to enjoy… Read More Cajun Potatoes

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Barbecued Country Style Pork Ribs

As I’ve stated before, my husband does most of the grocery shopping. Well, on one trip many years ago, he came home with Country Style Pork Ribs! I had no idea this cut of meat existed before then, so needless to say, I didn’t have a clue of how to prepare them! We had just gotten… Read More Barbecued Country Style Pork Ribs

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Garlic-Stuffed Chuck Roast

This will be known as the pièce de résistance of Nomenom. My Mom’s Pot Roast is my absolute favorite meal of all time. I have tried to match her on most everything I cook because she cooks better than anyone I know! After cooking for 20 years, I think I came close tonight!!! I do… Read More Garlic-Stuffed Chuck Roast

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Traditional Créole Red Beans and Rice

I am currently suffering from brain fog associated with eating way too much! Usually, when I take pictures for Nomenom, it’s more than I can eat. Well, tonight I ate the whole bowl of red beans in the picture!! It was that good, and I can’t breathe now. Even so, I cannot stop thinking about having some Homemade… Read More Traditional Créole Red Beans and Rice

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Homemade Vanilla with Strawberries

  I have been blessed all of my life to have two wonderful women in it who make Homemade Ice Cream! My Grandma always made cherry, and my Mom makes strawberry soda flavor.  I can still remember sitting on the old ice cream freezer to hold it down while someone turned the crank! What a… Read More Homemade Vanilla with Strawberries

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Cajun Country Shrimp Dip

There are no words or pictures that can do this scrumptious treat justice! Shrimp Dip is a conventional snack food at gatherings and special occasions here in South Louisiana. I have to say, I have always used the same recipe but have never followed it to the letter. The recipe comes from my husband’s Mammaw… Read More Cajun Country Shrimp Dip

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Shrimp Créole

Do you ever just have one of ‘those days’?  It has surely been one of those for me.  Everything I attempted to do with this recipe just didn’t turn out right! Then I remembered that when I first started this blog I wanted to write about real life. Wish granted! Just take a look at… Read More Shrimp Créole

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Hamburger Steaks & Gravy

Tonight I cooked my husband’s favorite. I debated on whether I should write about such an easy meal. As I was pondering, I remembered that years ago, I didn’t have a clue on how to fix Hamburger Steaks. It would have been nice to have a guide to show me how to make them edible. I’ve… Read More Hamburger Steaks & Gravy