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Changing Gears

Well, it’s diet time again at my house. My son expressed the want to get in shape in preparation for the baseball season, next spring. The last time we dieted together, he lost 20 pounds in about two months. Now is the perfect time for him to start; he’s got plenty of time before the… Read More Changing Gears

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Here’s another “Use What You Have” recipe! I wanted to do something for Taco Tuesday, and this is what I came up with. This post will be short and sweet with a link for another recipe for my homemade queso.  To “kick it up” I added my Salsa con Queso to ordinary store-bought taco seasoning for ground… Read More Kicked-Up SOFT TACOS

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Double Bacon Potato Soup

Until about a year ago, I had never eaten potato soup. Boy, was I missing out!! Put this one on my favorites list; it may have something to do with the BACON! This recipe starts with bacon and ends with bacon. I didn’t follow one particular recipe when I first tried cooking potato soup but… Read More Double Bacon Potato Soup

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White Beans in your pressure cooker

I had the end of a spiral cut, pre-cooked city ham and could think of nothing better to do with it but make some White Beans! Good ole South Louisiana Style White Beans. Now, when looking for them in the grocery store, they’re going to be labeled Navy Beans (peas). I have mistakenly bought Great… Read More White Beans in your pressure cooker


Has it really been a month?​

I have been so wrapped up in school this last month that I have hardly cooked at all. A few weeks ago, I made some White Beans, but I haven’t had time to write about the recipe. Now that I’ve gotten somewhat used to my new routine, hopefully, I can start planning my meals again… Read More Has it really been a month?​

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This is possibly the most versatile recipe I have. I’m usually not so good at planning ahead, especially when it comes to my grocery shopping and the meals I cook.  “Use What You Have” probably best describes my genre of cooking. Some years back, I wanted to make breaded pork chops but didn’t have any… Read More USE WHAT YOU HAVE Pork Chops

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Perfect Chicken Stew

Perfect?! Yep!! I rarely call anything ‘perfect’, but I myself am shocked by how tonight’s supper came out. Chicken Stew is my son’s favorite, and I thought that I had it down to a science; I was wrong. It just so happened that I measured everything and wrote down what I did, so now I… Read More Perfect Chicken Stew

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Grandma’s Macaroni & Cheese Casserole

Since I was a young child, I remember looking forward to my favorite holiday meal. My Grandma always made her traditional New Year’s Day spread. She had a big ham which is meant to bring good fortune, cabbage rolls to ensure paper money, and black-eyed peas to represent coinage.  Being a finicky eater, I had… Read More Grandma’s Macaroni & Cheese Casserole


Takin’ a Break​

This week and the next promise to be quite hectic for me. My kitchen will likely be quiet, and I just wanted to give an explanation. I’m in the middle prepping for the garage sale I’m having this weekend and it is taking up most of my time. Then, this old girl is starting college… Read More Takin’ a Break​

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Parmesan Baked Chicken

My oven broke a few years ago, and our circumstances prevented the purchase of a new one. Luckily, I have inherited my Grandma’s stove/oven, and my husband installed it last night. As I was cleaning it, I couldn’t help but remember all of the family meals she prepared for us. At 99 years old, she… Read More Parmesan Baked Chicken