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NO-CARB Shrimp Sauté

SHRIMP… itty-bitty, small, medium, large, or jumbo… boiled, fried, butterflied, or sautéed… always a treat! When I’m trying to lose weight, I am careful to cook the food that I can have in the most delicious way I can think up. This version of sautéed shrimp did not disappoint. Being that this is another “use what you… Read More NO-CARB Shrimp Sauté

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Fried Shrimp Po-boy

We seem to be eating a great deal of shrimp, lately! Definitely not a bad thing, but I know that the majority of my posts include shrimp.  I will never turn down a gift of seafood from my big-hearted neighbor; especially when it is already clean and peeled for me. Although, since I’ve been cooking a bunch of… Read More Fried Shrimp Po-boy

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Cajun Country Shrimp Dip

There are no words or pictures that can do this scrumptious treat justice! Shrimp Dip is a conventional snack food at gatherings and special occasions here in South Louisiana. I have to say, I have always used the same recipe but have never followed it to the letter. The recipe comes from my husband’s Mammaw… Read More Cajun Country Shrimp Dip

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Shrimp Créole

Do you ever just have one of ‘those days’?  It has surely been one of those for me.  Everything I attempted to do with this recipe just didn’t turn out right! Then I remembered that when I first started this blog I wanted to write about real life. Wish granted! Just take a look at… Read More Shrimp Créole

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Shrimp and Hot Dog Jambalaya 

I know, I know! Hot dogs are bad for you. This is my Mama’s recipe, and I wouldn’t cook it any other way!!! Besides, my Grandma cooked Shrimp and Hot Dog Jambalaya, too! I’ve been eating it all of my life, and I’m still kicking. If you don’t like hot dogs, use sausage. It might… Read More Shrimp and Hot Dog Jambalaya