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Grandma’s Macaroni & Cheese Casserole

Since I was a young child, I remember looking forward to my favorite holiday meal. My Grandma always made her traditional New Year’s Day spread. She had a big ham which is meant to bring good fortune, cabbage rolls to ensure paper money, and black-eyed peas to represent coinage.  Being a finicky eater, I had… Read More Grandma’s Macaroni & Cheese Casserole

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Beef Stew with a Roux

Out of curiosity, I searched for ‘beef stew’ on Google. From Food Network to Betty Crocker, everyone has their own take on how to make beef stew. There’s a slow cooker recipe, one that uses red wine; then there’s… simple, thick, easy, basic, quick, hearty, and even Irish beef stew! I honestly had a tough time figuring out what… Read More Beef Stew with a Roux

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Cajun Potatoes

The recipe for Cajun Potatoes came to me the day after we had a crawfish boil years ago. We had plenty of leftover potatoes that were cooked in liquid crab boil with the seafood. Not wanting to waste them, I came up with Cajun Potatoes. Of course, there doesn’t have to be a seafood boil to enjoy… Read More Cajun Potatoes

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Garlic-Stuffed Chuck Roast

This will be known as the pièce de résistance of Nomenom. My Mom’s Pot Roast is my absolute favorite meal of all time. I have tried to match her on most everything I cook because she cooks better than anyone I know! After cooking for 20 years, I think I came close tonight!!! I do… Read More Garlic-Stuffed Chuck Roast

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Homemade Vanilla with Strawberries

  I have been blessed all of my life to have two wonderful women in it who make Homemade Ice Cream! My Grandma always made cherry, and my Mom makes strawberry soda flavor.  I can still remember sitting on the old ice cream freezer to hold it down while someone turned the crank! What a… Read More Homemade Vanilla with Strawberries

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Cajun Spaghetti with Roux

I call this ‘Cajun Spaghetti’ for the simple reason that it starts with a roux. In all of the recipes I’ve seen, I have never come across one that includes a roux. For many years, my family considered Spaghetti my specialty. I have learned to make chicken stew since then, so now that is my son’s favorite.… Read More Cajun Spaghetti with Roux