A Different Approach

Once again I have gained weight, and now I am going to try to lose some. Needless to say, I am tired of this merry-go-round. I HAVE to find some way to lose the weight and keep it off! Back in January of this year, I watched a couple of documentaries about the foods we eat and their fault in the obesity epidemic. One of them is Fed Up (Soechtig, 2014) which discusses, among other issues, the fact that almost every processed food contains added sugar. Another film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (Offman & Cross, Engfehr, 2011), had such an impact on me that I purchased a juicing machine.

I started juicing then but I didn’t stick with it. So, now that I have gained way too much weight, I am ready to try it again. The key to juicing to lose weight is to eat all natural. That means I will not be eating anything processed. I am going to make my own mayonnaise and such. I will incorporate a low-carbohydrate diet while I am juicing.

Also, I have been using an elliptical machine for a couple of months. Exercise is going to be an essential part of my attempt to lose weight. Like I’ve mentioned before, I have a very slow metabolism. Hopefully, I can get in shape and burn some calories.

If you’re interested, I have two other pages on my thoughts about losing weight, here are the links.

Losing Weight  & It’s Only Food

I will be posting my juice recipes along with my attempts at things such as all-natural mayonnaise. Wish me luck!



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