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Getting Down to Business

Okay, it’s time to get serious! When I visited my doctor a couple of days ago, the scale said that I’d gained a few pounds. This means that it is time to start what I call “hardcore” dieting. I don’t like the word “diet,” but sometimes it’s the only word that will do. We’ve been cutting back for the last two weeks, and now my mind is ready to move on to the next phase.

Today and tomorrow I will be organizing my pantry and refrigerator as well as getting rid of the food that I don’t eat on my program. On Sunday, I will make a trip to the grocery store to stock up on no/low-carbohydrate foods, paying particular attention to snack foods.

Being prepared to combat hunger and cravings at a moment’s notice is important to my success. So, Sunday night I will cut up some cucumbers and other raw veggies to keep in the fridge. I will also make some chicken and egg salad to have a “go to” for those times I need a meal in a hurry.

Also, on Sunday night we will have what I call “the last supper.” I usually ask my son what he feels like having, and we have a feast! I think gumbo would be good so I can freeze the leftovers for one of our cheat days.

That’s all for now, here are the links again to my thoughts on weight loss, Losing Weight and It’s Only Food.

Whatcha think?