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Barbecued Country Style Pork Ribs

As I’ve stated before, my husband does most of the grocery shopping. Well, on one trip many years ago, he came home with Country Style Pork Ribs! I had no idea this cut of meat existed before then, so needless to say, I didn’t have a clue of how to prepare them! We had just gotten a new grill and I just happened to have a cookbook with a recipe for ribs. 

The recipe gave instructions for making a ‘dry rub’, about which I knew nothing! Yes, I was clueless!! The dry rub called for a bunch of seasonings I didn’t have, so I made up my mix from what I did have. Luckily, my ribs turned out heavenly. 

I’ve got six Country Style Pork Ribs defrosting so I’m going to make the dry rub. In a small bowl, combine black pepper, chili powder, ground cinnamon, and Cajun seasoning. I used a fork to mix and smash any clumps. I have an extra salt shaker for such an occasion. 

Start by brushing the meat with a little oil; this helps the dry rub adhere to the ribs. I shake a generous amount of the dry rub onto all sides of the ribs. Instead of actually ‘rubbing’ the seasoning in, I press it firmly into the meat. The seasoning tends to roll into little balls when I rub it in.

rubbed ribs

I let the ribs marinate for 30 minutes to an hour at room temperature. During this time, prepare the barbecue pit. The ribs should cook at around 300 degrees.

While I’m waiting for the grill to heat up, I make my basting sauce. I use butter, garlic powder, green onions, and salt. Melt the butter in a bowl in the microwave or a small pot. Add the other ingredients and heat again.

First, sear the meat directly over the coals… five minutes per side.

raw ribs on

Now, remove the ribs and place a drip pan on the coals, under the rack. I make sure that my pan is large enough to shield the meat from the coals. Put the rack back in place and the ribs to the grill. Brush them with the basting sauce and close the lid. I flip and baste my ribs every ten minutes or so.

Cook for a total of one hour and remove the ribs from the barbecue pit. I made Cajun Potatoes to go with the Country Style Ribs, which I will tell about in another post.

Ribs and potatoes

Bon appétit!

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: (what I used)

6 Country Style Pork Ribs

Dry Rub

  • 1 tbsp Black Pepper
  • 1 1/2 tsp Chili Powder
  • 1/8 tsp ground Cinnamon
  • 4 tsp Cajun Seasoning

Basting sauce

  • 1 cup Butter
  • 1 tsp Garlic Powder
  • 1 tbsp Green Onions


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