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Too Much Nomenom

Well, it’s been a long time since my last post. First off, my kitchen has been out of commission. There is a major problem with the plumbing of my kitchen sink, and my dishwasher died! Eating food that comes in a box, bag, or is otherwise processed is making me fat! So, I have decided… Read More Too Much Nomenom

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To continue with the Mardi Gras theme, I am going to talk about some of the traditional foods of the season. One of my favorite foods is a muffuletta, pronounced “moo-foo-LET- ta” by the creators or “moo-fuh-LOT-uh” by others. Any way you say it, the sandwich is exquisite. The muffuletta originated in New Orleans at… Read More Muffulettas


Twelfth Night

Did you know that the Christmas season officially begins on Christmas Day? As Americans, our society tends to jump from one greeting card holiday to the next. Maybe it’s because of where the holidays fall on the calendar, but Thanksgiving and Christmas kind of blend together to create one holiday season. It could be that… Read More Twelfth Night


Happy New Year!

My 2016 has been a year of great change. Starting Nomenom has been instrumental in changing my life for the better! Blogging has given me purpose and direction. To become a better, more competent writer, I started college in August. This has affected my life and my psyche in so many positive ways. In 2017,… Read More Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas!

Hey yall!! Christmas Eve is tomorrow, and everyone will be preparing and eating lots of Nomenom! Ever since I was a little girl, Christmas Eve has been my favorite of all the annual holidays. My Mom’s side of the family would all gather at my Grandma’s house for finger foods and exchanging presents. Each family… Read More Merry Christmas!


Time for a Facelift

Nomenom, not me!   Ü   I was getting bored with the same old look, so… Let me know what yall think!! By the way, I have a new Web address, it’s…although you can still get here with the .com address. And, my new email is! I really don’t have time to write… Read More Time for a Facelift

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Butter Garlic Smothered Chicken

Well, we’ve almost made it through Week 2 and when I weighed in this morning… 7 pounds!!! Man, this really works when you stick to it, I am seriously motivated now! Tomorrow is cheat day, so I took the leftover gumbo out of the freezer, and I can’t wait to have some… RICE! HaHa I have… Read More Butter Garlic Smothered Chicken

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Week One-No Carbs

Confession time… I am addicted to coffee, and I love my coffee sweet! For years, since the invention of artificial sweeteners, I have used the “pink stuff,” the “blue stuff,” and for the last decade the the “yellow stuff.” Then, a few months ago, I happened to read that artificial sweeteners don’t help when trying… Read More Week One-No Carbs

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Getting Down to Business

Okay, it’s time to get serious! When I visited my doctor a couple of days ago, the scale said that I’d gained a few pounds. This means that it is time to start what I call “hardcore” dieting. I don’t like the word “diet,” but sometimes it’s the only word that will do. We’ve been… Read More Getting Down to Business

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NO-CARB Shrimp Sauté

SHRIMP… itty-bitty, small, medium, large, or jumbo… boiled, fried, butterflied, or sautéed… always a treat! When I’m trying to lose weight, I am careful to cook the food that I can have in the most delicious way I can think up. This version of sautéed shrimp did not disappoint. Being that this is another “use what you… Read More NO-CARB Shrimp Sauté